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Title: begin my second AMV
Post by: j3cht on October 27, 2009, 11:04:54 am
Hi everybody,
I have been into anime for a long time and a few years back made my first AMV and I am now planning to work on another but I was hoping for a little objective feedback before I begin working on my next.

here is the link to my first:

My main worry was that now that I am looking back on it, it feels almost as if i just clumped together many of my favorite scenes and that is not what I was going for.

Any feedback critical or not is welcome and thanks in advance.
Title: Re: begin my second AMV
Post by: mexicanjunior on November 18, 2009, 12:39:11 pm
I don't know alot about Final Fantasy but I didn't see the correlation between the footage and the music. There seemed to be alot of fight scenes that moved along without alot of synching to the beats of the music and went on unedited almost. Also, I thought there were moments where you could have changed a scene but let it linger to long, missing the musical cue to switch over. Still though, I liked that it was energetic footage you used and the song wasn't terrible. Just tighten up the scene selections in your next video and you should be fine.