Author Topic: RDS TV First Broadcast This Wednesday Night (04/26/06)  (Read 6094 times)

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RDS TV First Broadcast This Wednesday Night (04/26/06)
« on: April 25, 2006, 10:29:43 am »
Yea, you read right, that says 'RDS TV'

So, what exactly is RDS TV? Well, if you're familiar with RDS Radio (a weekly radio show about AMVs hosted by Me, AtomX, and our always trusty Pwolf), it is basically the same thing, except for one major difference... there's streaming video to accompany the show!

This week will be our first run at doing a streaming video show (meaning that there will most likely be some technical issues to iron out), however, for the time being, the live video stream of the broadcast will just feature me with a webcam talking with my usual co-hosts and stream AMVs for your viewing pleasure.

Now, this may be a bit too much for some of our not-so-fortunate listeners on slower connections, so in conjunction with the Video broadcast, there will also be a separate stream for just the Radio only.

To tune into this new broadcast (either video or radio only), all you will need is the newest version of Winamp, which can be found here:

Download the Free Full version of winamp and just follow the links at the bottom of this page:

For those that will be tuning into the RDS TV version of the broadcast, please make sure to only have that one link to the RDS TV in your playlist and have your winamp set to repeat, as the stream will buffer during times when I switch over from my live stream webcam to the pre-encoded AMVs that will be featured during the show.

Also, this new video broadcast means that a bit more prep-work needs to be done before each show, so if you would like to request for a song to be played on the radio, please message me (CTC Koopiskation) or AtomX (Atom is OK) on AIM by Tuesday night (04/25/06) so we can set you up.

Just to reiterate, this video broadcast is our first main run, somewhat of a pilot, so there is a high probability that technical issues may arise. However we think that it'll be a good show nonetheless so tune in this Wednesday night at 10:00 PM EST to RDS TV/Radio!

: ]
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Re: RDS TV First Broadcast This Wednesday Night (04/26/06)
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