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Well, we are quite open to any and all types of format that most people would be comfortable listening to.  We'd like to know which is the best way you think the show should go, we can mix and match, go straight up, have secks, and what not.  Just leave a format suggestion here if you have one.  :P

Opening and closing with a song is definitely a good way to go, I vote you keep that trend up. Aside from that I think the talking portions are much more fun than the music, so whatever you do it should tend to lean towards a majority of time spent talking as opposed to playing music (though it should still be there). Also, getting specific guests lined up in advance might be a good idea, though you should still take random callers in when you're discussing a specific issue. Basically, come up with specific times in which people should call you. This way, you don't have a million people hitting you up on skype at once unless you WANT a million people hitting you up on skype at once.

More big name AMV guests and hawt interview action (who hates who? etc...). We need the dirt spilled...  :o

I vote moving it to Friday, or having a friday night show of some kind. I think it would be awesome, because I only get a chance to even listen on weekends (Stuck with dial up -.- ).

If you're wondering, yes, this was copy pasted directly from my post.  I think it would be better to have it on the weekends simply for convenience (god dammit, I hate that word).

Yes, but Friday is drinking night for many of the collegiate listeners :(

Wait, that might not be a bad thing!


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