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As we said on air, we are now currently accepting radio promotions for studios/people who would like to send us a small audio segment promoting their videos.  Just send your promotion to either me or knives and we'll look it over to see if we can get it on air for the next broadcast.

Also, we are accepting RDS Radio station identification audio promos as well.  We've already received a few of them and we'd like to receive more.  We're looking for cool and funny ones so be as creative as you want, same with the advertisements for your studio.  Have fun!  :P

Castor Troy:
We'll think of a VG3 commercial soon :)


--- Quote from: Castor Troy on February 10, 2005, 08:23:11 pm ---We'll think of a VG3 commercial soon :)

--- End quote ---

Hawt...  ;D

Oooo, someone should come up with a jingle. That is, if one hasn't already been made.

Here's nine Random ID sounds.

Take 1

Take 2
My failed attempt at saying the names too. *Growls*

Take 3
Better attempt at names. I like this alot.

Take 4
I have no idea. I was trying to include three jokes into one incoherent sentence.

Take 5
One joke this time, but I'm doing it.

Take 6
Shameless joke to the guys at the GameFAQs Gundam Board.

Take 7
ID with Green button joke.

Take 8
Second take of Number 7.

Take 9
No ID, just straight up yelling.

Have fun kids. Comments are apreciated.


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