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AMV Interview: ScorpionsUltd

The AMV:  Whisper of the Beast
The Editor:  ScorpionsUltd
The Link:  A-M-V.org

This is the first Interview done from Random Destination Studios, and what an interview indeed. Scorpions Unlimited has recently come out with a wonderful AMV that has caught the eye of many of the .org locals. Here we have picked the brains of the 2 creators behind the beastly video. First is of course the interview, and then of course the review. Enjoy.

Q: What inspired this particular video?

A: Hmmm... Uneasy to get straight to the point... When we gathered together and decided to begin our project,
this vid was nothing than simple cuts of the first battle with no idea and the concept. Well... The cuts was good enough to hold the reflection of its potential and the song itself was sad and furious enough to give us the sense of something similar to anime series from which the cuts was taken. And thats how the fate of the project was decided. We begun with no idea and concept, but the song give us the sense of filings this vid should hold and then the concept was born. Yes, we taken the original story of the first 10-20 series of Naruto, we taken its atmosphere and added it to the final concept. But the story was altered by the way it could never happens. It tells about the man, which mind survived the suffer of his past deeds. Killing his friends by his own hands, he cannot stand this fact and divided his mind into two different persons. The personality, once solid, now twisted in weirdest way, when 'bad', which is the killer, defends the 'good', which just disgusts its counterpart, but never willing to stop it. Willingness, the 'good' is just trying to forget the tragedy of the past, the pain and suffer. Forsaken, the 'bad' is reminding the events of the past every time they disappear from the memory. In the suicide fight of the parts of the ones man soul the nightmare dreams where born. The heaven, the dream of different fate where he and his friends should be together turns into bloody hell of the past memories once he tries to forget his own deeds, doomed by his self to kill his friends over and over again. That was the concept. It was formed to sustain the first scene we made after editing the first fight, when we created the scene with Haku touching Naruto's face, trying to console him (wich never happens in the first place). Thats where whole concept comes to life. After that whole scenario becomes clear and sequence of the scenes has gaining its form. The all other was up to technics... Yup... Whole idea is weird and crazy you may say, but thats the way it was inspired by the song and original story. Oh yes!.. Hehe... The song is on German and we was unable to understand the words for some time (we didn't even know the title, to be honest, for some time too =^_^=), and when we get the translation we where amazingly surprised that the meaning of this song was somewhat perfectly melded with the scenario we created! =^_^= That how it was...

Q: Is there anything you wished you had or hadn't done with this video?

A: Yes. There some features we didn't implement due to critical time shortage, as this video was created to participate in second Russian AMV Contest and the deadline was too close. We even have to send a beta version to the contest judges and spend two days more to cover edit the version we send. That is why the ending of the first part is rough (for us indeed) and many features that we planned to increase psychedelic atmosphere of the ending was never created. But the main part and all second and third parts where fully implemented as they was planned. Thou, the cover editing, like global filtering and simple audio-visual dependent effects weren't implemented too. The final transition sync wasn't perfect by the same cause. That part-to-part transitions we made needed at least another week or two to be slim and transparent. Sadly, our time was strictly limited by contest deadline and we really wanted our "7-month-of-work" creation to be shown on second Russian contest!

Q: How long have you been interested/involved in creating videos?

A: Well, that depends... Lets say over two years is the right answer... =^_^=

Q: How do you rate this particular video among your own?

A: That video is the best indeed. Simply because its most advanced video we made. All thanks to Adobe After Effect.

Q: Who inspired you to create AMV's?

A: I think "who" isn`t a right word, like many people we just asked the question to ourselves - "Why not?" if we really like some anime and some music - why not to try connect them together? - and we start trying...

Q: What type of AMV's do you most enjoy doing/watching? Action, comedy, Drama, etc...

A: Well, its hard question. =^_^= Action, drama, comedy... ...they all great. Any AMV is great if it have the point. But personally the vid that have inspiration within will have that something that attracts the people and their attention to it. The story and emotions, filings and relative concept of alternative interpretation... All comes when it about inspiration.

Q: What series/movie first inspired you to get into anime in the first place?

A: Hmm,interesting question... For me it was "Guyver" - it was simply the first anime movie I've seen, and for my comrade it was "Ghost in The Shell".

Q: What would be your advice to newbies just starting out in AMV making?

A: Hmmm... Maybe not to afraid to use advanced programs for video editing. Its hard first time, but its true for anything in life. Just do it as you see fit. Don't be afraid of negative comments and reaction. Express all you want in the video, as
in most cases this will be the vid you creating for your self. But the concept and idea will not go unnoticed.

Q: If you could watch only one AMV for the rest of your life, which would it be?

A: We don`t think what anyone can hold such a torture ^_^ Seriously... Just can`t imagine what kind of AMV it could be.

Q: What is your favorite anime series?

A: Ohhh... Its hard to decide what series is the best, but we have many favorites, like Trigun, Escaflowne, Evangelion, X, Vandread, GunGrave, GitS:SaC, Azumanga, FMP, Cowboy Bebop, etc, etc... In the future you can expect some new AMVs from us with using anime from that list ^_^

Q: What is your favorite kind of music? (band?)

A: Its hard question too... We don`t have any favorite in this question, we just listening what we like, and it can be any kind of music.