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AMV Interview: Pwolf

The AMV: As The World Crashes Down
The Editor:  Pwolf
The Link: A-M-V.org

This is the second Interview done from Random Destination Studios, and what an interview indeed. PwolfAMV has recently come out with a wonderful AMV that has caught the eye of many of the .org locals. Here we have picked the brains of the 1 creator behind the beastly video. First is of course the interview, and thats that. Enjoy.

Q: What inspired this particular video?

A: hmm, well... long before i had the idea, i had wanted to do a drama video about war and tragedies. i then started hearing the song on the radio. 9/11 being one of biggest tragedies to happen to the US, i couldn't not think of some ideas. but that wasn't the only reason. i wanted the video to also show that this doesn't only happen to Americans, but other people around the world are suffering as well.

Q: Is there anything you wished you had or hadn't done with this video?

A: to me, everything i've done in the video is perfect. I put a lot of hard work into several of the scenes (masking mostly). I wish i could've found more audio for the begining. I tried looking for audio about the Madrid, Spain terrorist attack, but i had no luck. Again, i wanted the video to be about the world, not about one country. Overall though, i'm very proud of the video and even tho i wish i had more audio, i like it the way it is right now.

Q: How long have you been interested/involved in creating videos?

A: 5 years this January :-D i started making videos before i knew amvs existed.

Q: How do you rate this particular video among your own?

A: i'll say it's my best

Q: Who inspired you to create AMV's?

A: well, like i said, i started making videos before i knew amvs existed, but i'll have to say Jesmaster gave me a lot of inspiration. his were the fist i saw so i naturally looked for his video more and tried to learn from them. Other creators i would say also helped: Absolute Destiny, Mexican Junior, Kewp :-*, and a few others i can't remember at the moment. you guys talked to this newb in the chat room several years ago and put up with me :-D

Q: What type of AMV's do you most enjoy doing/watching? Action, comedy, Drama, etc...

A: i'm a sap... i love drama anime/amvs and i love to make em. i have yet to make a good comedy video so i dunno if thats harder or not, but trying to make a good drama video is certainly a challenge

Q: What series/movie first inspired you to get into anime in the first place?

A: the first anime i've ever seen was the original macross (well robotech). i remember asking my mom to take me to the mr. video to rent it. i think i was in 1st grade, lol. i didn't really get into anime that much until much later when dbz started airing on television. shortly after, i got ahold of Eva, and i was hooked after that

Q: What would be your advice to newbies just starting out in AMV making?

A: well, amvs are for fun. so have fun. if your not having fun and enjoying this hobby, you wont get very far

Q: If you could watch only one AMV for the rest of your life, which would it be?

A: i dunno if i'd want to listen to one amv over and over for the rest of my life, that would get old and annoying.. >.>

but if there was only one amv to watch... sadly, Mitternacht -_- there really isn't one video, mine or another creator's, that i really like. I say Mitternacht because, first, it was my first "great" video. People know me more for that, and i every time i watch it, i think about that. second... when ever I'm down, or angry, i watch that video because knowing i put a lot of work into something that has won awards and has receive a million praises gives me hope and makes me happy. plus it's fucking Mitternacht... it'll never get old! MUHAH

Q: What is your favorite anime series?

A: as my favorite changes from time to time, it's hard to say, but as of right now, Full Metal Alchemist is still my favorite. that or Jungle Wa...

Q: What is your favorite kind of music? (band?)

A: I'm a fan of rock and metal... but really, anything with a good tune to it is appealing