Name:: Eric Parsons
Age:: 24
Location:: Panama City, FL

Corran's Videos

The Last Transmission
DDR Project 4 - Track 32: My Generation
Online Iron Chef v1, Round 1 - Corran
The World She Knows
Clash of Cultures

::The Last Transmission::

Anime: Memories and Last Exile
Music: My Weakness
Musical Artist: Moby
Direct Link: 65.6 MB Divx compatible AVI
Indirect Link: 98.7 MB Divx compatible AVI

::DDR Project 4 - Track 32: My Generation::

Anime: Last Exile
Music: My Generation
Musical Artist: Captain Jack
Indirect Link: 31.8 MB Divx compatible AVI

::Online Iron Chef v1, Round 1 - Corran::

Anime: Kiki's Delivery Service
Music: A Hazy Shade of Winter
Musical Artist: Simon and Garfunkel
Direct Link: 43.6 MB Mpeg1
Indirect Link: 40.0 MB Divx compatible AVI

::The World She Knows::

Anime: Love Hina
Music: The World I Know
Musical Artist: Collective Soul
Direct Link: 49.2 MB Mpeg1
Indirect Link: 65.2 MB Divx compatible AVI

::Clash of Cultures::

Anime: Princess Mononoke
Music: Gravity of Love
Musical Artist: Enigma
Direct Link: 38.3 MB Mpeg1
Indirect Link: 38.3 MB Mpeg1